Aaaaaah… the end of your week (whatever day that may be), and now it’s time for your weekend!

You check your task list and calendar, hoping to see blank space staring back at you. Instead, there are:

  • You have three kids soccer games to attend
  • There’s a backyard landscaping project that’s screaming for your attention
  • The in-laws are coming for dinner on Saturday, and friends coming over on Sunday, so the house needs cleaned
  • You have a huge project due next week while you’re traveling, so you’ll have to put the finishing details on the project, do some laundry and pack!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ENJOY your weekend? The only person stopping you from that weekend state of bliss is YOU! Most of our overscheduling, overcommitting and overworking wounds are self-inflicted! Do you want a different result than you’ve been having? Change the decisions you’ve been making to wiser decisions for you and your family!

6 Stress Relieving Tips to Bring Freedom Back to Your Life!

  1. Learn to Say No! There are so many good things in this life that want a chunk of your time, effort or money. The challenge for you is that all of those things in your life are in limited quantity! Saying “yes” to someone is usually saying “no” to someone or something else. Guess what? That’s OK! Just make sure you are choosing wisely whether events, tasks or people belong on your “YES” or “NO” list!
  2. Mean It When You Say Yes! The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” we’ve been told! You wanted to spend time with your spouse and kids, you really did. But the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ assaulted your schedule, and you’ve allowed things that don’t matter as much to squeeze out time with the people and things that matter most! Stop it!
  3. Make Better Use of Your Time During the Week! You really, really need to clean out the garage? Then how about spending 30 minutes every evening after dinner working on it a little at a time. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ve already worked for 2 1/2 hours, and the finishing touches make not take much, if any time!
  4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! It’s difficult for most of us to pass off tasks or responsibilities we know that we could do well or better than others. GET OVER YOURSELF! Hire someone to do part or all of the yardwork if it’s robbing you of time with your kids! Spread chores out among the family members so everyone is picking up a little of the slack.
  5. Build Better Life Systems! Are you an easy mark for people asking for favors or time? Make a commitment that you will not take on any new responsibilities unless you give up something you are already doing! Another important tip would be to set a standard that you will spend 48 hours thinking and discussing with someone you trust before making any new time commitments.
  6. Accept the Truth That You Deserve to Relax, Refresh & Enjoy! You are at your best with your family, friends, work and the world when you regularly pour back into yourself. Relaxing, spending time doing things you enjoy, reading a book, laying in a hammock, watching a football game with friends, sleeping late- whatever recharges or reenergizes you, these are the things you must choose to do! They keep your vision clear, your focus sharp and your body healthy!

It’s time you stepped up to the plate and took charge of your weekend schedule, and made living a priority! Get on with it!

QUESTION: What is one decision you could make, or one thing you could do differently to give you more time on the weekend to relax?