How Does Synergize.Me Work?

nicholas-sparks-quotes-sayings-teamwork-together-peopleIt’s a simple principle.  You bring energy.  I bring energy.  When we put our energies together, they somehow create a greater amount than the sum of our two energies!  THAT’S SYNERGY!

You want to be a sharper leader.  So do I. So we each bring our talents, our knowledge base, our experience and passion to our meetings, and we share.  Great stuff happens!

Several important things to remember as your begin your “Synergize.Me” group…


1) Involvement- The more you involve people, the more invested they are in the success of the group.  Not everyone should lead in every meeting, but everyone should lead at some meeting.


2) Invitation- Ask the best people you can find to be a part of the group.  This is not a social or a civic group.  It’s about making better leaders.


3) Upbeat- You need to keep the pace of the meeting time interactive and at a quick tempo.  We suggest you pick at least 3 different topic areas per meeting.  Each of these should have a different discussion leader.  In a typical hour long meeting, this gives you plenty of time to dig just a little deeper into each topic, ask questions and give feedback, without it droning into a lecture or one man show.


4)Topics- You may choose from the “cylinders” list below, or come up with your own.  The key is to challenge members to share from their strengths and failures, helping to sharpen the members of the group.  We will include a list of discussion topics for each of these cylinders on our “Discussion Topics” page, and we invite you to send us your topics as well!


Below is a visual of the various possible topics of discussion that could take place during your meetings…

_Synergize_Me Cylinders