Conspiracy Theories… the world is full of them. Some are obviously the result of paranoid people creating a foundation for the confusion and sometimes insane world we find ourselves living in. There are other scenarios where conspiracy theories stop being a “conspiracy theory”, because the evidence proves we were right all along! So in a world full of crazy people, whacky scenarios and life situations that seem out of control, how do we make sense of it all? Maybe a better question would be, “Whether the conspiracy theory is true or not, is there something we can learn from this situation or concept that makes our world a better place?” I think the answer to that 2nd question is an emphatic “YES”!

Aliens… What Can Little Gray/Green Men Teach Us?

The age old question mankind has pondered since he first stared up into the night sky… “Are we alone in this universe?” Without debating the evidence for spaceships, alien abductions, hidden alien bases in the ocean or on the moon, we can definitively answer this query with certainty. NO, WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE! The last time I checked, I was NOT the sole inhabitant of this planet. To my knowledge, I haven’t interacted with any aliens from another world (although some people would certainly pass for an alien!). However, everyday I interact with people who have world views, cultures, ideas, attitudes and practices that might seem alien or different to me. My encouragement is that we interact with those “alien ideas” and take a chance by considering whether they might positively impact my world and the people in it. We benefit when we open our minds and attitudes to ideas different from our own!

Atlantis and Other Lost Cultures- What Have We Lost?

Whether an actual city of Atlantis sank into the ocean centuries ago, we may never know. Were there lost cultures among the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, or the supposed giants of the Annunaki? Was there ancient technology, historical ways or cultural knowledge that has been lost to the annals of time? Who can tell? Archaeologists are finding new and exciting information from the history of the world every day. One thing can be known for sure… we have a LOT to learn from the past we DO know, and we are the greatest of fools if we ignore those lessons! We can and should learn our history, and learn FROM our history.

Loch Ness & Sasquatch- Scary Boogie Men in the Night?

For centuries stories and lore have been passed down through the generations about scary creatures and ominous monsters who live in the shadows. Maybe the legends were built around real life monsters like giant squid or 12 foot tall grizzlies. Many of the legends of monsters in history were simple people trying to make sense of a wild and scary world… or maybe Bigfoot is real! Who knows! What we can be sure of is that there truly are scary things in this world, and a lot of things about this world that we may never understand. We can choose to be put a face on it (Nessie?), or we can just accept that there are lots of unknowns that we may never understand or have clarity on. One thing is sure… fear is not the answer. Courage and determination in the face of uncertainty are the best choices we can make.

The Deep State & The New World Order

A lot has been said on social media, left wing and right wing media and various conspiracy theory groups about a “shadow world government”, and it’s aim at eventually taking over the entire world. This involves conversations about a single world government, one world currency, digital and military surveillance and other covert monitoring of individuals. Does a “new world order” exist? Maybe, maybe not. Is there a coordinated effort to turn our globe into a modern version of Orwell’s “1984” forty years after the expected date? Could be, or it could be hooey! What you and I can be sure of is that freedom is precious. It must be safeguarded at all costs. The United States is in a unique position in the world with our Constitutional liberties and those spelled out in the Bill of Rights. We should never take lightly the blood and sacrifices that our ancestors have poured out so that both we and our children might enjoy these liberties. It now falls on us to protect them for our descendants with the same passion, the same intensity and the same willingness to pay whatever price is necessary to defend those freedoms.

Someone once said, “It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true.” I’ll leave it up to you to decide if aliens, Atlantis, Bigfoot or the Deep State are truth or not. But together we must open our minds to learn new ideas while at the same time gleaning the lessons from history. We will face the unknown and scary things in life with courage, and stare down tyranny with the same grit our colonial forefathers and members of the greatest generation did as well!