In this world of social media, political correctness and an upside down culture, it seems everyone has an opinion on just about everything. Family, friends, bosses and strangers are quick to pop in their two cents, and give you their solicited and unsolicited advice.

Dads are some of the best advice givers in the world. I know not everyone has or had an amazing dad. I did! He was one of the wisest people I ever knew, and there are still days, even as someone bumping 60 years of age, that I wish I could pick up the phone and get his input on a problem, issue or task. 

“Dadvice” has several very strong facets. Dads typically offer what I call the “long view” on stuff when you’re getting their advice. Dads are planners and tend to focus on the Big Picture in life. They are much more logical and systematic in their appraisal of the situation, and their Dadvice tends to reflect that perspective.  Dads also tend to be very pragmatic and life application oriented. They ask questions like “What are your choices? What are the consequences of those choices? Do you have a backup plan?”

On the other hand, Dads can be a little pushy or overbearing. Dads are “fixers”, and when they offer their “dadvice”, they expect you to take it. Dads offer a plan, and expect you to work the plan. Since there’s only one dad in the universe who is perfect (that would be God), this can present the opportunity for conflict if the person receiving the advice doesn’t follow every piece of the advice offered. 

One other note to remember is that Dadvice doesn’t always come from your biological dad. It could be a well meaning sibling, another relative or even an older friend or employer. Anyone in your life with paternal feelings toward you could offer up their own dish of Dadvice for you to consume! 

Advice… Dadvice… It has come your way in the past, and it will continue in the future. You can count on it! The question for you to grapple with is this… “What will I do with the Dadvice that comes my way?”

My Dadvice to you? Listen… Ponder… Discuss… and follow as much of the Dadvice as you can!