Life is hard. I know that’s not deep, new information or a discovery worthy of a Nobel prize.

But it’s real.

We wake up every morning and face the reality that relationships challenge us. We encounter difficult financial circumstances. We crash into uncertainty, conflict and chaos it seems around every corner. Life. Is. Hard.

Contrary to popular belief, most people DO NOT choose to give up. That path does not seem to be a good fit for most of us entrenched in the American way of life. There are options that are not as bad as quitting, but just as awful. Some people choose instead to just COAST in life. Go with the flow. Take the easy way in or the easy way out. I would say this deserves the moniker “quiet quitting” as much as those who sit at their job and do nothing. Coasting is an option, albeit a bad one. It still makes you a CHUMP.

Others among us choose COMPLAINING. It is easy to swallow the pill of failure when you wash it down with big glass of self-pity and a side of excuses. Complaining about life, complaining about the bad breaks you have had, the good breaks others have received, and complaining in general about the cards life seems to be dealing out around the table. Yes… this makes you a CHUMP as well.

So what will make you a CHAMP instead of a CHUMP? Finish the race. Take your challenge, whatever it is, and do not let up until you cross the finish line. Set your goals and work until you reach them and beyond. Stretch your abilities and your vision, and expect nothing less than your best efforts. Finishing the race. It is what separates the champions from the chumps. Tenacity is answering “YES” to the gut check that drives us beyond the borders of Ease, Effort and Expectations.

Get off your butt. Stop making excuses. You’ve got this. GO BE A CHAMP.