One of my favorite musicals of all time is “Rent“! I can sing all the words to nearly every song in the movie, and Love to watch it again and again!

I think the most powerful song in the musical is titled “Seasons of Love“. Although it’s an upbeat song musically, the lyrics have a challenging, yet haunting question that is asked over and over again… “How do you measure a life?“

Have you ever stop to consider how many different ways people measure their life? Some measure their life according to their financial success, while others measure the significance of their life based on status or reputation.

Many would measure the significance of their life by the impact they make on the world around them, or the family, friends and loved ones whose lives they make better.

Do we measure a life has been more significant if their name is known around the world, or if they teach children to read? Is a life more significant because an individual sets world records in athletics, or because they encourage a friend who is broken and has lost hope? Is it the movie star, the rockstar or the politician whose lives are counted as more significant than the Boy Scout leader, the sunny school teacher or the volunteer ringing a bell for the Salvation Army?

My answer? I don’t have an answer. I think it is up to each and everyone of us to determine what is significant in our own life, the mark we want to leave on the universe, and the change we want to make in this world while we have the short time on the planet.

So go make your mark… Make it significant, make it powerful, make it matter!