Life is an unending series of opportunities, of risks and potential rewards.  None are greater than when we face those kinds of moments with the ones we love. The decision to be vulnerable or build a wall around our heart can affect our destiny; a leap of faith or a moment of passion that can color our world for years to come.  Those YOU love NEED your love.  They need you to believe in them.  They need to hear reckless abandon in your voice and see it played out in your love for them.

Take a chance today.  Show someone special just how crazy in love you are with them.  OK, so you say you shouldn’t have to prove it.  Prove it anyway… beyond a shadow of a doubt, totally convince them that above everything and everyone else on this planet, you are consumed by your love for them.  

Maybe you don’t have a romantic interest to express these feelings to in this moment. Choose a sibling, a parent or a friend then, but choose someone.  Lavish your love on a niece or nephew, uncle or aunt, or grandparents if you’re blessed to still have them.   Blow their mind today with an act of love and commitment.  Take a risk… be extravagant…

Do something, write something, say something that rocks their world… and in the same moment, you’ll rock your own.–Ng&w=420&h=315