We’ve all heard the age old business advice that says, “There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!”

Sometimes this advice has merit. If we’re simply changing something for the sake of change, then our time is usually a HUGE freaking waste of time! Change without purpose is typically an exercise in taste or narcissism.

Let’s consider that in the course of life, we all could benefit from “kicking the tires”. Simply put, we need to walk around whatever represents the “vehicle” in the moment, and just like that incredibly savvy car buyer, we need to “kick the tires”. This advice is simply a call to examine what’s working, whether it’s for us or for someone else. There are times where it seems we might have conveniently hidden our own collective heads in our keester, ignoring the amazing and beneficial examples of what is working and producing powerful results for others! So kick that tire, see if it holds air, and then wisely choose your next step!

There are times after we’ve done our tire inspection that we see that there is a desperate need to replace them. It could mean that the job position is necessary, but that the person in the job is just not cutting it any more. We might believe the organizational culture is sound, but those leading it are no longer the best fit for the company or for leadership. Remember, bath water is great in a tub… dirty bath water needs drained. This does not mean we get rid of the tub, or worse yet, throw out the baby with the bath water!

You may find yourself in a position that is unique and totally separate from either kicking the tires or replacing the tires. It could be that it is time of an entirely new solution to your tire issue… it may be time to reinvent, rethink, or create a new vision for what your tires need to be. There was a time when tires were made out of wood… then hard rubber, and then tires with inner tubes… Now the technology is different still, including the incorporation of steel belts within the tires, various cuts and designs of treads, and no inner tube. Because the wheels were “reinvented” drivers are safer, arrive at their destinations quicker and the cars run more efficiently than ever before! What “tires” in your organization, your business, your LIFE need to be reinvented?

Average people let life happen to them every day. They may react occasionally, but for the most part they just accept what comes their way. On the other hand, leaders handle the events of life in a totally different way.

Leaders prepare. Leaders plan. Leaders evaluate. Leaders dream. Leaders build. Leaders change. Leaders innovate.

Which will you be today?