I’ll never forget the day I was a boy from outer space, 140

Or the long look on the face

Of my friend who wore a costume from the store.  

Mine was home made, but he was the one who was poor,

And I was glad you were my mom.

Then there was the time I came home from a fight all black and blue, old pics112

But you knew just what to do;

Cause your hugs and your tears made my world seem right,  

Then you threatened the mom who sat and watched the fight!

And I was glad you were my mom.


I watched you love my dad and pay a price for his life success, 

Your work made his “good”, “the best”…

Some of your dreams were laid quietly aside. 24 (7)

Instead, your joy came as his friend, and as his bride.

And I was glad you were my mom.


And what about the times when cooking Sunday lunch gave you fits, 

Burned beans were little briquets!

But you always made sure that our meals were fun!  

Cooking for seven… How’d you ever get anything done?170 (2)

And I was glad you were my mom.


I’d tell folks about Cub Scouts, bridges, and your radio show,  

Making ice cream out of snow.

My favorite of all was the store of  “Joy”!  

You MADE Christmas for many with love, ham and toys.

And I was glad you were my mom.


I’m a parent now with precious children of my own to raise. mom best

I see your “grandparent days”.

Nurture, encouragement and prayers sent above.  

Are the gifts you’ve given them, you’ve modeled God’s love.

And I was glad you were my mom.


I have seen you strong and proud and standing up for what is right.  

Seen you cry and be uptight.

But watching you has taught me how to be real,  

How to love, how to sacrifice, and how to feel.

And I was glad you were my mom.

 Cole Family2

So I guess I want to say for Dad, me, the boys and our wives,  

Thank you for touching our lives.

If it was ours to give, we’d give you the moon.  

Instead, how about if we all go clean our rooms?

I’ve been so glad you were my mom.

Now you’ve joined Dad in Heaven, Your work here on Earth is done,

Enjoying Mother’s Day with your Mom, Wow, that’s got to be fun!

Our lives have been changed by your example and your heartIMG_0693

And we’ll do our best as parents till it’s our time to depart,

I’ll be so glad to see you again Mom.

I’m so thankful you were my mom…   And I still am.

Love you Momma!