Seriously, why is it that we’re drawn to bad news or negative information in the media and in life?

Is it because we’re overly concerned about those around us, and we want to help them through the hurt?

Or is there just an innate desire for knowledge, growth and new experiences, and that burning desire to be informed is what pushes us even towards bad news?

Could it be that we’re just plain curious, and can’t help but stick our big noses into someone else’s bad business to satisfy our need to know?

Although any or all of these answers are true at one time or another, I believe that the true foundation for our pursuit and interest in the harsher stories in life is this…

Fear.  We’re afraid.  Afraid of the circumstances, afraid that the same thing might happen to us.  We want to try to avoid conflict or pain so we sit up and pay attention about the family with the abducted child.  Our neck snaps as we slow down and pass the demolished automobile on the side of the road.  We stare in rapt attention at the flesh eating virus stories, the “house and everything else burned to the ground” news pieces, and the horror stories of those who’ve lost their jobs and used up the last of their unemployment check.

We’re afraid it could be us next.  It might very well be us next.  So we’re afraid.  But fear isn’t our only choice, it’s just one of them.

Choose Active Courage instead of fear.

Fear says, “I worry I might end up broke like that family on the news.”  Active Courage says, “I need to see if there’s a place I can send that family some money.”

Fear says, “We can’t swim in the lake or go out in public because we could get sick & die.”  Active courage says, “I’m going to embrace and enjoy every moment life has to offer me.”

Fear says, “Pull back, hunker down, protect yourself”.  Active Courage says, “Step out, lend a hand, take a risk to help others.”

No, your story may not get the news coverage or attention because it’s not scary, horrible or frightening.  But that’s OK.  Living a bold life and making the world better because you passed through is an awesome way to spend your days.  Leave the fear and negativity to others.

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