I grew up on a healthy diet of some of the old time greats in TV history… Gilligan’s Island, H.R. Puffinstuff, Speed Racer and of course Scooby Doo! This is how old I am… 2022 marks the 53rd year since Scooby first bounced across the TV screen, and 18 & 20 years since the latest Scooby movies! I’ve got to say, Scooby looks GREAT for being a Baby Boomer!

It’s so amazing… In 2004 a series called Ghost Hunters aired for the first time, and so far, all the way through 2022, they’ve NEVER ONCE been able to capture a ghost. But Scooby Doo and his band of ghost hunters were able to capture their ghost/monster every single episode, in 30 minutes time!

What were their secrets to success?

  1. Go face the monsters, even if you’re afraid! Listen, we all face a “monster” in our life every now and then… a huge problem we are struggling to solve, a fierce client with a service complaint, or maybe a co-worker that makes life miserable. You will NEVER solve your problem if you always run away! Just like Scooby, sometimes you have to face down that monster, and deal with it directly!
  2. Having people you trust watching your back is invaluable! Scooby and his pal Shaggy were nearly inseparable! They both knew that they could depend on Freddie, Daphne and Velma to have their backs too! Don’t forget, later on there was Scrappy Doo with his own swashbuckling attitude and love for his Uncle Scooby! You need that kind of support and friendship in your life and in your organization as well! Those types of relationships take time, shared experiences and sometimes a journey through some spooky situations to draw you together! Make it a priority to build those kinds of partnerships!
  3. Always ask the hard questions! Scooby and his team would always seem to sense when something just wasn’t right. They would ask questions about a situation or a person that seemed troublesome. They understood that every person was a possible suspect or solution to their monster problem! Be open minded and brave enough to ask the hard questions when dealing with your own scary issues!
  4. Never assume you know the whole story! When Scooby and the others in the Mystery Machine would pull into town, the first thing after talking to their point of contact was to scout out the situation for themselves. They never assumed they had a good picture of the situation until they had dug into it for themselves. We need to have the same strategy! After asking the hard questions, then do a little investigating on your own. Talk to other people, check out the “lay of the land”, and see what you can find out on your own!
  5. Spend the time to develop a plan of attack! When the time came to try and catch the monster, someone on the team (usually Freddie of Velma) would come up with some type of trap, scheme or plan to make it happen! If you want to successfully conquer YOUR monsters, then you need a plan of attack as well! That means understanding where you are, what you want, and the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be! If it’s getting that monster into a monster trap, then devise a plan, enlist the team and make it happen!
  6. Be creative when fighting your monsters! Not every solution seems like it will work, and things don’t always go according to plan… just ask Scooby! But creative plans are the ones where we think outside of the box, and look at strategies, plans and possibilities that we might not normally consider. But when faced with a monster size problem, you must stretch your mind and your plan of attack for maximum benefit!
  7. Know that it’s ok to giggle when something’s funny instead of scary! I loved to hear Scooby giggle… HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! (I know you heard that giggle in Scooby’s voice!) Seriously, chasing monsters is a scary business, whether it’s in a haunted castle or in your team meetings. Take an attitude inventory and realize that not every monster is really that scary! Some of those problems we face are more silly and less scary if we’re honest! So lighten up, and approach those monsters with a grin on your face!
  8. Sometimes it’s best to run away, and live to fight another day! On nearly every occasion when Scooby and Shaggy would have their first encounter with a monster, you could depend on them to do one thing… RUN!!! Finding out that the monster is there, and to some degree is a real problem is the first step of the problem. However, the best strategy early on may involve stepping away (or running away) from the frightening issue in your path. Then you can devise a plan to face it head on the next time. Only then you’ll be ready!
  9. Rely on the various strengths of yourself and your team members! Scooby Doo was the king of common sense… he always had the practical approach. Norville “Shaggy” Rogers was the “outside the box” thinker on the team. Fred Jones, the leader of the group, was usually the one who had a “take charge” attitude. Daphne Blake was the emotional part of the team, always worrying about everyone else (and how she looked!). Velma Dinkley was the brains of the team, thinking through each situation with logic, strategy and the worldview of a realist. It seemed to work for the “Mystery Incorporated” and I know it will work for you too! Give the members of your team the chance to shine as they each bring their own gifts, skills and perspective to taking down the monsters that face you!
  10. It never hurts your motivation to take along a snack! After all, fighting monsters can build up a huge appetite! You may not be able to find any authentic “Scooby Snacks”, but you can feed the appetite that you and your team develop along your journey. Reward them and yourself with treats that motivate- those could be a break in work, snacks, notes of encouragement or bragging on them to those in charge. Whatever it is, you need to make sure they have enough satisfaction and provide sufficient energy for the monster hunting to continue, and to end with the monster caught and neutralized!

So there you have it! My Scooby Doo Top Ten Tips for Beating Monsters!

What would you add?