Why is it that some of my best, most creative ideas come while I’m in the shower?  I don’t have my computer, iPad or a notepad handy to write it down.  So with soap in my eyes a stumble out of the shower to the counter where my phone sits and dictate a quick thought or note.  Back in the shower again my mind is racing and all kinds of good stuff is running through my brain (and it’s not the shampoo!).  But why?  More precisely, why THERE?  I’m sure there are some deep psychological reasons for it, but here’s my take.

  • I’m Relaxed-  My shower is not only a place where the dirt comes off, but the stress as well.  Sore muscles invigorated, the cleansing power of the steam and water… The weight of my business decisions, deadlines, appointments and finances washes off and down the drain, if only for a few moments;
  • I’m Comfortable- I love a hot shower.  The water feels and sounds refreshing, the smells of the soap and shampoo are pleasant, and in my “au natural” state, there is not a belt pinching my waistline or a need for any kind of pretentiousness that comes with being in the company of others.
  • I’m Free- The shower is one of those places where you give yourself permission to just veg out.  Let your mind wander.  Dream.  It’s amazing when it happens- when suddenly from those mental wanderings and dreaming come  a flash, an idea, a new vision!

Can I offer you a suggestion that I’ve recently made to myself?  Be selfish, and be purposeful in setting aside time to just RELAX, get COMFORTABLE, and let yourself BE FREE.  Is the shower the best place to let that happen?  Maybe.  It could be that you make a date with your “creativity” on Tuesday mornings from 6 to 8 AM, in your sweats and T-shirt, with coffee on your back porch. This might be the best place where you can get alone, get relaxed, comfortable and free enough to dream.  For you it could be heading out of the house on Saturday afternoons wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a hoodie, where you end up exploring a library or bookstore.  Night owls, it might mean curling up on the couch at midnight, surrounded with munchies and some jazz playing in the background might… that just might be your spot and time.  Just do it.

Creativity- it’s inside you, waiting to come out!  Make it happen!  Release yourself to be creative, and to open your mind, heart and spirit up to the wonder that is YOU.  I’m done for now, take care… it’s time for me to go take a shower.