Some days just bring greater frustration than others.  It seems as if the Idiots Club of the World convened yesterday, and in a unanimous vote, determined that their membership would make today the worst day of YOUR life… EVER.  Stupid people in traffic… loud and annoying people in the grocery store… inattentive parents with bratty children in the restaurant… and yes, even some of your coworkers or bosses are members of that club.

Sometimes knowing how to react is not enough.  We know that we should walk away… or that we should bite our lip.  We sense that the situation would be handled best if we deflect, ignore or vacate the situation.  Knowing what we should do, and then following through with it are two different things.  

Aristotle said, Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”  Just the idea of “patience” implies that in this moment something stinks.  It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and that we’re irritated, frustrated and upset.  Patience isn’t ignoring what is happening now.  It’s a life preserve with “It wasn’t always this way!” painted on one side, and “It won’t always be this way!” painted on the other.  So hold on.  Let the good of the past and the expected blessings of the future keep you afloat.

And try not to kill anyone in the meantime.