Have you ever been talking, and had a bug fly into your mouth?  I have, and it’s disgusting!  You’re enjoying a chat with a friend on the patio of a restaurant, and out of no where “BAM!” a fly, gnat or other bug dive bombs your tonsils!  YUCK!  Sometimes our lives in general are like that.  We’re just bopping along, and “WHAMO!”, it’s some problem, confrontation or catastrophic event gets shoved down our throat!  What can we do?

You could just keep your mouth shut permanently, but that’s not a good option.  Timing is really critical though to minimize bugs and problems using us for a landing strip.  The Bible tells us that there is “a time to speak, and time to remain silent.”  If you’re great a sensing when it’s a good time to speak up or not, super!  If you’re not, find people who will help you learn this skill, and mentor you in the process!

Although the myth of “everyone swallows up to 8 spiders per year in their sleep” has been debunked, it’s true that we there are things that happen all the time that are beyond our control… things like spiders crawling up your nose!  Just kidding!  But things like changing bosses, shifting responsibilities and layoffs are a part of life, and way beyond your ability to control them.  So learn to roll with the punches (or insects) life throws at you!  Don’t let the stuff in life that’s beyond your control, control you.

Finally, remembering that our “off” times should be just that… times to relax and let go.  You could stay up all night long, every night trying to protect yourself against tonsil diving spiders.  You could refuse to converse with others any time you’re outside, as a way of minimizing your chances of ingesting a June bug.  Neither of those ideas are good ideas, or productive for you long term.  Neither is allowing the pressures of your job or business to ruin your family time or your own personal relaxation away from work.  Take the time to genuinely detach and relax when you’re off.  The gnats, spiders and June bugs will take care of themselves!

P.S.: Enjoy the following public service poster that helps you identify and how to deal with the various kinds of spiders!