Leading a Synergize.Me Meeting

Churn It Up



The suggestions listed below for leading your group are just that– SUGGESTIONS!  You can follow them precisely, adjust them to your personality and your group, or chunk them altogether and come up with your own plan.  But you definitely need a plan.  


You Need a SOLID Plan 

Simple– Don’t make leading your Synergize.Me group rigid or too complex.  The goal is that your plan and your content will be so amazing that people will make a priority in their week.  However, the way you lead your meeting ought to be simple enough that you can explain it to a new group leader in just a moment or two.  Simple.

Outlasts You- Synergize.Me should never be about one person or one person’s agenda.  The design for leading your group ought to be such that if you’re transferred to a new job in another state, the current group could meet and operate without missing a beat.  This only happens when you as a leader give away leadership to the members of the group.

Leads the Team Down an Intentional Path- Remember, the purpose of this group is for growing its members first, and as a result then seeing growth in their businesses.  Most networking groups have just the opposite as their plan.  Your group will look much different and see vastly different results if you will focus on personal growth of your group members.

Ignites Every Person- People get energized when they have a stake in the group.  That means involving EVERYONE in the group regularly.  It means involving them in areas where they have strengths and passions.  It means planning for their success by being intentional in the way you share leadership.

Defines & Mirrors Your Purpose- Your plan should mirror your purpose.  Your purpose is “helping leaders be ready for their moment to step up!”  Involving group members in the weekly meetings is the simplest form for you to show them how this is done.  As the leader you may need to coach them on everything from communication styles to using creativity as they lead the group.  But the plan for your regular meetings that you set in motion should complement your goal of leadership development.


Your Weekly Meeting Road Map

  1. Be early;
  2. Set up the room;
  3. Greet each person that arrives; smile, shake their hand and call them by name;
  4. Try to introduce any guests to other members before the meeting begins;
  5. Start the meeting 1 minute early;
  6. Vary how you start the meeting; start with the book discussion sometimes, the thought-provoking question sometimes, or with one of the other two discussion leaders;
  7. Be aware that you need to keep the conversation on target; that doesn’t mean that various issues cannot be raised or discussed; but it’s the leaders job to keep the group from wasting time by chasing too many rabbits;
  8. Be sensitive to any one group member monopolizing the conversation, and if it happens, include others in the discussion by directly asking them questions or requesting their perspective or thoughts on an issue;
  9. Look for opportunities to involve group members who many not be engaging in the conversation;
  10. As the discussion in one topic begins to slow, quickly move the group along to the next discussion leader;
  11. At the end of the meeting, remind them to read the chapter for next week, and to be thinking about who they are going to invite.