Politics.  Conservatism.  Liberalism. Secular Progressive.  Fundamentalist.

Religion.  Pro-Life.  Pro-Choice.  Gay rights.  Traditional Marriage.

Economics.  Welfare state. Personal responsibility.  Capitalism.  Socialism.  Free Market.  Quantitative Easing.

We can argue, debate, get red in the face with each other.  Most likely I’m not changing your mind, and you’re probably not changing mine.

There are some people on the fence on these issues though.  Will our arguments win them over to our viewpoint?  Maybe, but not likely.

What can and does make a difference is not so much what they hear, but what they see.  So stop making the case for “whatever”.  Go BE the case.  Make a difference.  Live in such a way that when they come back to the church to eat chicken and potato salad, after leaving your body at the cemetery, someone will say, “He/She had a lived well.  I want to be like that.”

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”    Marcus Aurelius