Happy people… Miserable people… Surely I’m not the only person who has ever wondered about what makes the difference… Why happy people are happy, and miserable people miserable… If I told you what I thought the difference was, you probably wouldn’t believe me… But I think I’ll tell you anyway, because if I am right, and you buy into it… well… then maybe, just maybe it’ll help you to be a happy person too.

Now I’ll admit that a lot of factors affect our happiness.  Our health, our friends, the amount of money left in our checking account when we finish paying bills.  And wherever you turn, people seem to be desperately in pursuit of this elusive state of mind we call happiness.  Lonely hearts look for it in romance and relationships… the driven labor for it by climbing the corporate ladder… The selfless search for it in spending their life in civic service.  But hearts break, ladders collapse, and service thankless.  So where do we find happiness?

The biggest cookie on the plate when it comes to being happy doesn’t have to do with others, with money or power, or even with something as wonderful as sacrifice.  It simply has to do with being at home.  No matter where you are… feeling at home.  Happy people don’t have to “go home” to feel at ease, comfortable or peaceful.  Because for them home isn’t somewhere you go, but something you choose.

What’s strange is that sometimes it just happens.  You find yourself in a new place, and it just clicks.  Every face is friendly, and there is an air of comfort ability in everything you encounter… in the sales person who waits on you in the downtown store; in the panoramic view of the city from the hill on the edge of town; even in driving under the canopy of overgrown trees as you survey the neighborhoods…

But then there are times where it doesn’t just “click.”  Nothing feels right.  You’re in a strange place with strange people.  Not really strange, but different.  New.  Unfamiliar.  You’ve worn a warm cloak of contentment for such a long time, but now this new environment you face leaves you shivering and bracing your soul against the harsh winds of dissatisfaction and loneliness.  This change of seasons in your life stirs up feelings deep inside you’ve not encountered in ages.

So what do you do now?  How will you ever find the happiness that you’ve enjoyed in the past?  I would say it’s worth a try to be at home.  You may have changed jobs lately, and it just doesn’t “feel” right… CHOOSE TO BE AT HOME RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE… You may have recently gone through a divorce, or a marriage has blended two distinct families into one… CHOOSE TO BE AT HOME RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE…  It doesn’t matter if you’ve changed schools, changed churches, changed jobs or changed towns.   CHOOSE TO BE AT HOME RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE…

Home is where you make it… it’s a choice… and with the pressures of life and the worries that it can sometimes bring, there’s nothing quite like being at home.  So consider this encouragement from a friend who’s been on the same treasure hunt for happiness that you are… go home.  It’s a great place to be.”

Page Cole

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