Time… currency of the universe.  It spends day in and day out, without our consent. Although we can choose how and where it is spent, we cannot stop or even slow the flow of it from our life’s account.  Not only does it drain away, day by day, but we had no control where we would be placed in the time line of space & eternity.  We had no choice to be placed in Ancient Egypt, in England during the Middle Ages, or the great western frontier in America.  We’re here… now.  

World politics seem out of control, and economies pitch and roll with nauseating uncertainty.  Technology seems to advance at a breakneck speed, while cultural institutions like marriage, family and religion are morphing and changing daily.  Corporate downsizing and relocation cause families to be uprooted and moved across the country.  Immigration challenges, banking woes and governmental involvement in our daily lives can push us to the edge of sanity.

Life may not seem fair.  It’s probably not fair.  OK, Life isn’t fair.  While we’re at it, sometimes Life isn’t fun, interesting, fulfilling or easy.  So what do we do? What can we do?

    1. Refuse to Be a Victim.  It’s fair to acknowledge how circumstances affect us.  It’s a coward’s way out to blame society or forces outside ourselves for how we respond to those circumstances.  You are not in charge of the world, but you ultimately are in charge of your heart and your mind.  History is filled with people like Helen Keller, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Branson & Bill Gates, people who at one time were beaten down and at the bottom, but chose to rise above their circumstances and win.  You are that person.  Be that person.   
    2. Demand of Yourself Time Daily to Recalculate.  Success requires focus, and focus demands quiet, thoughtful time daily to think, meditate and redirect your passion & energies.  This “think time” is non-negotiable if you expect to make the most of the rest of your time.  Schedule it, guard it and make the most of it.  Remove the people and technology distractions that permeate your life, if only for a small window of time every day, and give yourself the gift of quietness to think, to pray or to ponder.  You’ll be amazed at how it will transform the use of the rest of your day.
    3. Embrace Change With Courage.  Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

 Every problem you encounter lays down the same challenge… “Will you be victim or victor?”   Nearly every great success story has in it’s foundation stories of struggle and overcoming adversity.  Most of us have been in groups or on teams with a “whiner/complainer/excuse maker”… Make a personal commitment to never, ever be that individual.

  1. Accept Responsibility for Consequences & Kudos.  Finally, whether you choose to admit it, you’re responsible.  Responsible for your actions, for your attitude and for the way you invest the precious moments of your life.  Will you screw it up sometimes?  Sure.  When you do, accept credit for it, be humble, sacrifice to make it right or better, and learn from it as you head on down the road.  Will you surprise even yourself sometimes when you succeed?  I believe you will!  And when you do, the plan is still the same.  With success as with failure, you should accept credit for it, be humble, sacrifice to make it even better, and learn from it as you head on down the road.  

Life is hard today… that much is true for all of us.   What will you do today to make the most of the moments in front of you?

Check out this video from Will Smith, and what he has to say the power of your words and thoughts.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfWGoLj1JCM&w=420&h=315]