You’re not Hercules. Let’s clear that off the board. There are not 12 magnificent, life changing, overwhelming labors you must accomplish in your lifetime to please anyone. But make no mistake. Your life is meant to make a difference during your time spinning on this third rock from the Sun. You have… a destiny.

I love this definition of the word “destine”. Merriam Webster says “Destine” means “to direct, devise, or set apart for a specific purpose or place.” You, you YOU have been “directed, devised or set apart for specific purposes or places.” Yes, YOU.

The challenge that most of us face when we think about our “destiny”, is that we limit it to a specific place or event in time. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are those powerful moments in each of our journeys, those life changing instances or existence altering events we all will create or face, the concept of Destiny is empty if it limited to only those descriptions.

Destiny is more. Destiny is not a destination. Destiny is the journey, and every intentional, purposeful second in our lives when we take charge! Destiny is knowing who we are, how we are uniquely created and crafted. Destiny is understanding our gifts, our talents and our life calling! Destiny is recognizing the pathways we have walked thus far, and the good as well as the hard lessons we have learned on each of them. Destiny is believing and pursuing the dreams in our heart and being courageous enough to pursue them. It is your dreams wrapped in the skin of hard work, forged in the fires of perseverance, and driven by a heart of faith. So remember your past but don’t let it rule you.

If someone were to ask you, “What is YOUR destiny?”, what would you say? If you are not able to answer that question, then you have some serious soul searching to do! You cannot take hold of your destiny, or even pursue your destiny if you have on idea what it is.

Seize the day my friends. Seize each moment in it! Charge out there into the world you face today, and allow your destiny to change that world!