A Horizon… it’s that place out there where Heaven seems to touch the Earth.  

Do you dream about what’s on the horizon? Beyond?  No matter whether you’re the owner of a small business, or an employee in a large corporation, “dreaming” should be a part of your job description.  More than that, it needs to be ingrained and become a very significant part of what makes you, well… YOU.

Make time envisioning what you want your personal future to be.  No matter how successful your career is, if you leave work to go to a miserable life, then you’ve failed, and failed miserably.  You will never achieve the future you’re looking for if you don’t have a clue what that future looks like. Write it down, and visit your dream on paper on a regular basis.  It’s the first step to making it a reality!

Next, spend some time dreaming about how you could make a difference in the lives of others.  Great leaders and successful people always live lives marked by impacting their world for good.  Who could you mentor?  What could you do to give a friend, co-worker or employee the boost they need to propel them forward.  You can’t change the entire world, but make no mistake, you can change the entire world for several people in your lifetime.  Dream about who and what, and then get started.

Finally, get a glimpse of what could be on the horizon for you when it comes to your life’s work. What do you want your career to look like one year from now?  What about five, fifteen or thirty years from now?  It would be impossible to make one huge jump from where you might stand on the seashore to a point on the horizon.  It’s just as ludicrous to think your journey in your career is going to make that same kind of a leap.  Does that mean you’ll never make it to the edge of your dreams?  No, it simply means you’ll need to make that journey one step, one paddle, one breath at at time.  But get your direction and your plan, and you’ve already pointed yourself in the direction of success!

Believe that in the short time you have on this planet that just about anything is possible. Make the dreams you have for your own life, the lives you touch and the work you do amazing.  You begin the journey to make that happen by doing this one simple thing… take the time to dream.  Remember, when your vision ends, your limits begin.


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