We’re a nation of the well fed…  In 2012, the average person consumed:

  • Beef- over 50 lbs
  • Chicken- nearly 60 lbs
  • Pork- nearly 45 lbs
  • Turkey- 18 lbs
  • Fish- 10 lbs

Go to any local buffet and you’re almost certain to find at least one guy who is trying to get his entire quota in during that one meal.  You’ll most likely see children with plates piled up according to their attitude, rather than their ability to consume that much.  We’ll hear their mothers in the distance barking out the parental eating orders.

  • “Don’t put so much on your plate!”
  • “Don’t be wasteful!”
  • “Take smaller bites!”
  • “Get something healthy on that plate!”

all-you-can-eat-signGood advice for these buffet buccaneers… and for you and me as we look at our lives in the coming year.  We fill our lives and our schedules to the brim.  We have meetings overlapping meetings like mashed potatoes & gravy oozing into our pea salad.  We bloat our lives full of things that look good, but in truth just aren’t that satisfying.  We abuse the people and projects that deserve our attention because we’ve spent too much time on the things that seemed exciting or different.  Kinda like the little boy who ignores his vegetables, and opts instead for spending his entire meal at the chocolate fondue fountain eating dipped marshmallows.

Listen to your mother this year.  “Don’t put so much on your plate!”.   “Don’t be wasteful!”.   “Take smaller bites!”.   “Get something healthy on that plate!”  Don’t just have a happy new year- have a healthy, wholesome and prosperous new year.  Mom knows best.