Tony Yahle, a 37 year old diesel mechanic from Dayton, OH coded for 45 minutes, and after the doctors had tried every procedure and medication they had at their disposal, he was declared dead.  But wait.  That wasn’t acceptable to his 17 year old son, Lawrence.  He charged down the hall towards his father’s body and shouted, “Dad, you’re not going to die today!”  Doctors saw tiny electrical movements on his heart monitor, and began efforts again to revive him.  It worked.  Amazing.  His son refused to give up, and his dad was saved. But how did it happen?

  1. Someone believed in his ability to survive when everyone else had given up.  You are surrounded by people who suffer the same affliction.  Their business is failing, their marriage is falling apart and the world looks at them and calls them a loser.  They. Are. Not.  Could it be that they just need someone to believe in them, encourage them and say out loud “Hey, you!  Not today!  You’re not going under, your marriage is not going to fail.  I believe in YOU!”  BE that person who speaks hope into their life.
  2. Survival meant getting help from the right sources.  Tony Yahle’s family got him to a hospital with skilled physicians.  They had the tools, the training and the heart to help.  But his family believes that the doctors had some help.  They are convinced that God intervened, and that made all the difference in the world.  When someone’s world is crumbling around them they may need more than just an encouraging word.  Counselors or financial specialists may need to be enlisted.  Partnering with or seeking advice from someone who is more experienced can be a life saver.  There’s no shame in admitting that there is a need for someone who is wiser, more skilled or more educated.  Beyond that, things may have reached a point where divine intervention seems to be the only source of help.  My encouragement would be to not wait until that’s the only option left!  It’s OK, no, it’s a good thing to ask God for help!
  3. Ultimately, making it through tough times rests the shoulder of the individual.  Somewhere deep inside, Tony heard his son’s cry for him to stay.  I believe he made a choice that he wasn’t ready to go yet.  Each of us gets to make a similar choice when the circumstances of relationships and life overwhelm us.  We can believe in and encourage a person who is struggling.  We can offer the best help available.  But even with all of that, the person in the midst of the tempest has to choose.   You can be the voice of encouragement, but you may also need to be that person who pushes them to make a choice.  Help them understand that their future truly does rest in their own hands.

So stop in the busyness of your business and look around you.   Do you have a friend, neighbor or co-worker who is struggling?  Is a business owner you know considering tossing in the towel?  Be the voice of hope, help them or get them help, and remind them that they get to choose if this is the day their dream dies!

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